10-year warranty – “Turnkey” delivery and installation on site

A giant LED screen for your university

Your students will see a bigger future!

Better listening and participation from your students through our next generation of giant screens.

An interactive tool developed for the education sector.

Financing of your giant screen possible by lease or long-term lease thanks to our partnership with the BNP

Lectures - Amphitheater

A giant LED screen in your amphitheatre

The university amphitheatres are perfectly suited to host our Imeens® giant screens.

Thanks to an ultra-wide diffusion angle, our screens allow students positioned at the back and on the ends of the auditorium to have perfect visibility of the lecture.

Benefit from a display medium of size to dress your spaces receiving the public.

Recommended screen size: 165″ or 220″

Amphiteater giant screen

Practical Work - Classroom

LED TV in your classrooms

Upgrade your classrooms with our innovative giant screens

We have developed a wall-mounted TV stand to avoid cluttering your classrooms. It has been designed for any type of wall including those made of sheetrock.

Capture the attention of your students with the brightness and ultra-wide angle of our large-format LED TVs.

Increase the interactivity of your courses thanks to our wireless screen recopy feature, a connected and innovative tool that can broadcast your students’ presentations (oral, lectures or team work) in direct connection without Wi-Fi connection required.

Recommended screen size: 110″ or 138″

Classroom large LED TV

Dissemination of information - Hall

A giant screen connected in your lobby

Use a communication tool to share information in your lobby with your students, faculty and administration.

Instantly broadcast and edit information and news for your students about school trips, schedules, and missing teachers via the built-in digital signage software.

Recommended screen size: 138″ or 165″

Lobby giant screen