10-year warranty – “Turnkey” delivery and installation on site

Giant LED screens for your professional meetings

What if work becomes a pleasure for your eyes? 

Imeens® will equip your meeting rooms with the next generation of giant screens to collaborate on your business presentations.

Écran géant salle de réunion

A giant indoor LED screen

The size of our screens give your employees greater visibility during your business meetings. The Imeens® giant screens feature a wide viewing angle and an incomparable image surface. You will be able to use the maximum capacity of your meeting rooms thanks to the size of our next generation giant screens.

TV LED géante salle de réunion

The screen copy on LED TV

Enjoy a fast, wireless connection to stream your content with our built-in screen copy solution. Offer your employees the opportunity to share content easily and without latency on your giant indoor LED screen during your business meetingsOur “Wireless Display – Miracast” by Microsoft® solution does not require a Wi-Fi connection or settings to broadcast your professional presentations on a giant screen.

Téléviseur grand format salle de réunion

A sound device on a giant screen

An integrated sound system for a better understanding and listening during your business meetings. Our Imeens® giant displays feature a sound system that allows for hearing comfort during video conferences and viewing different video streams. It consists of two wide-range peripheral speakers for ample sound and a central speaker for clearer sound. Our sound system is controllable thanks to our ergonomic all-in-one and infrared remote control.