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The Milli-LED® technology

Discover the LED with a new eye !

With the combination of a 980 micrometers LED and the OPR process, Imeens® gives you an even more immersive visual experience.

The Milli-LED® technology developed by Imeens®, combined with special encapsulation, makes our LEDs smaller, more powerful and offer better resistance !


What is the OPR ?

The OPR or Rotative Optical Polarization consists of redirecting the electromagnetic waves that compose the light.

The objective is to disseminate it more widely and adapt it to the human field of vision.

LED lighting (Profile view)

A classic LED diffuses light in one direction in a linear way, while a modified LED thanks to the OPR diffuses light in a divergent way.

Imeens® LED Lighting (Front view)

We can see a crossing of light fields that create a dematerialized pixel.

This pixel allows a clear image improvement and a relief of the visual effort through the human eye.

Our screen resolutions

Milli-LED® technology has enabled us to make an interesting visual observation on such spectacular LED televisions :

Talking about a pixels resolution (HD, FHD, UHD, 4k, 8k…) no longer makes sense.

Milli-LED® technology allows you to obtain equivalences to these resolutions by using fewer physical pixels.

At Imeens®, we name these resolutions:

HD+ (FHD equivalent)
FHD+ (4k equivalent)
UHD+ (8k equivalent)

Ratio d'immersion écran géant LED intérieur

Our Immersive Ratio

The Immersive Ratio (IR) corresponds to the viewing distance recommended for optimal visual rendering. It is calculated by taking into account several factors:

The field of vision of the human eye
The reading field of the human eye
The size of the screen
The size of the room in which is located the screen
Number of people watching the screen

Taking all these parameters into account, we can estimate an optimal disposal area for one person or more people.

Case 1: The Immersive Ratio (IR) for only one user

The aim here is to define the minimal distance from the LED screen for the user to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience.

We also determined how far away it became difficult for a user to read the content of a screen according to its size.

This makes it possible to define a viewing area called «comfortable» and thus to live an experience as immersive as possible !

Case 2: The immersive ratio for several people

After setting a minimal distance and a maximal viewing distance, depending on different features, Imeens® will then be able to recommend a LED TV size to choose from depending on your space and the number of people in the room during the watching.