10-year warranty – “Turnkey” delivery and installation on site

Your most beautiful works and creations on giant indoor LED screen

You won’t believe it!

Imeens® enhances your most beautiful visuals with a next-generation giant screen that will fit perfectly into your art gallery or exhibition space.

Écran géant exposition

Switch your Imeens® LED TV to Artist Mode

Our next-generation giant screens feature a “Artist Mode” feature that allows you to display large-format works of art when you’re not using your screen. An innovative feature that will bring modernity and charm to your reception halls, workspaces and art exhibitions.

Écran géant galerie d'art

A giant screen with stunning image detail

Imeens® LED screens benefit from outstanding image quality thanks to our Milli-LED® technology. A technology developed and patented by our engineers that significantly increases the visual realism, the brightness of the screen and the colorimetry.




Écran géant LED intérieur musée

Intense contrasts on the giant indoor screen

Our next-generation giant displays feature BlackCoating® technology: A LED coating that considerably increases contrast intensity and benefits from extreme blacks. This unique component makes it possible to matify the LED panel and offer an anti-reflection front panel.

Écran géant LED intérieur galerie d'art

A large LED television with a unique design

The minimalist design and finishes of our screens will fit perfectly into your working environment. We chose to select noble materials to design our next-generation giant screensThe thinness of our LED televisions allows you to enhance your content during your displays and exhibitions.