10-year warranty – “Turnkey” delivery and installation on site

Communicate on a giant LED screen

Catch the eye of your customers and employees! 

Imeens® implements a fully equipped giant LED display for your visitors’ information.

A giant TV for your hotel lobby

Enjoy ultra high brightness and the large format of fully equipped TVs for your brand content. Capture the attention of your customers in the blink of an eye and create a striking impression at the sight of your content. Dress up and modernize your lobby with the Artist Mode feature, built-in to all large format LED screens in the Imeens®forBUSINESS range, which will allow you to display more real and colorful digital art than ever before!


A large screen TV for your waiting room

Imeens® large format TVs feature digital signage software to create, program and manage the display of your content. The opportunity for you to broadcast various informative and entertainment messages in places dedicated to passage as well as waiting. Surprise your visitors with grandiose images and videos so they never feel that time goes slowly.

A large-format TV to dress up your campus

Stream visual and audio announcements within your facility with Imeens®WORLDCONTROL and a state-of-the-art integrated speaker on the front of your large-format LED displayControllable thanks to an all-in-one remote control, you will have control over all your content, in all its forms.