10-year warranty – “Turnkey” delivery and installation on site

A large screen TV for your receptions

Make a big impression!

Enjoy the new technology of our large format LED screens to showcase your establishments

Communicate and inform your customers about the largest LED TVs on the market


A giant screen TV in your reception room

Highlight the services and the different living places of your establishment even in glazed and very bright spaces without loss of visual quality.

Equip your reception rooms with Imeens® giant screens to communicate all your event programming

Use a large-format LED screen as a collaborative tool to host large assemblies, work meetings, symposia or seminars.

Recommended screen size: 165″ or 220″

Reception room large TV


A large LED screen in your restaurant

Discover an innovative and intelligent display medium to communicate on your menus, the origin of your products or the quality of your wines.

Enjoy a fully equipped LED television to broadcast sporting events and make your establishment a reference for Champions League nights

Our integrated Imeens®WORLDCONTROL feature on all our TVs allows you to program and manage the display of your menus and all your offers.

Recommended screen size: 110″ or 138″

Restaurant large LED screen

A giant screen TV to equip your prestigious suites

Give your guests the pleasure of seeing things bigger from their private suite

Give your guests a moment of relaxation and immersion in front of their favorite TV programme by enjoying exceptional picture quality on a TV unique in the world

Recommended screen size: 110″ or 138″

Hotel giant screen