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What is Imeens® ?

Imeens® is a company specialized in the production and marketing of large-format LED televisions.

“Imeens” comes from the contraction of two words: “Immersive” and “Screens”

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What is the Milli-LED® technology ?

The Milli-LED® technology is the combination of a 980 micrometers LED and the OPR process to give you an even more immersive visual experience.

It allows special encapsulation which makes our LEDs smaller, more powerful and offer better resistance !

The OPR or Rotative Optical Polarization consists of redirecting the electromagnetic waves that compose the light. The objective is to disseminate it more widely and adapt it to the human field of vision.

A classic LED diffuses light in one direction in a linear way, while a modified LED thanks to the OPR diffuses light in a divergent way.

We can see a crossing of light fields that create a dematerialized pixel. This pixel allows a clear image improvement and a relief of the visual effort through the human eye.

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What is a Milli-LED® TV ?

  • For LCD screens: Each pixel (point) of the screen consists of 3 sub-pixels (red/green/blue). Depending on the image, each of these points lights up more or less. Behind these sub-pixels, there are white lamps that emit white light. It’s the backlight. So it is the white light that is coloured and that forms the image in the screen.
  • For Milli-LED screens: Each pixel is auto-emitting. There is no backlight. Each pixel is a light point that produces its own light source. Each point can therefore turn on independently of the others and therefore, independently turn off. It is thanks to the fact that each pixel can complement each other that the LED is known for “infinite” blacks. The fact that each pixel emits its own light, allows a brightness 2 to 3 times higher than LCD screens. The Milli-LED pixel produces all three RGB colors in a single point and makes the perfect color mix to get a stunning look. Imeens® LED TVs are undeniably superior to conventional displays, much more homogeneous and with better light distribution. Another differentiating point is energy consumption. Milli-LED technology allows a consumption up to 40% lower than that of conventional screens. One of the biggest advantages of LED TVs is inevitably an infinite choice. Unlike LCD screens limited to about 98 inches, Milli-LED technology makes it possible to obtain gigantic slabs, without edge, without slabs and especially a perfect finish.

What is the Imeens®WORLDCONTROL?

Imeens®WORLDCONTROL is a digital signage software. Accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, it allows the management of your screens and their contents. Monitor your communication in real time or through one-time and recurring programming. It offers the possibility to share images, videos, music, animations or PDF documents.

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What is the Cast by Microsoft® ?

The Miracast or Microsoft Wireless Display allows direct-link screen copy (no WI-FI connection required). The Miracast appears in WI-FI networks for instant display on the screen via a PC or smartphone.

Damaged product :

My screen doesn’t turn on anymore, what do I do?

First check that your LED screen is powered by electricity. Make sure your screen is plugged into an electrical outlet and the dedicated circuit breaker is raised. On the left side of your Imeens® TV, you should see a light indicating that your LED TV is powered on. If your screen is properly powered but you are unable to obtain an image after pressing the “on” button on your remote control, please contact technical support (hotline) at +33 9 86 87 44 05 and then type 2.

My remote doesn’t work anymore, what do i do ?

Each Imeens® product has an ergonomic remote control included with your LED TV. Imeens® always provides a second remote control to prevent inconvenience to its customers. The Imeens® remote works with two AA type batteries also provided.

Your remote will allow you to control all your LED TV (sources, navigation in menus, etc.) but also to control the volume and brightness. The volume and brightness management is done via silver push buttons. To increase or decrease any of the values, simply push the push button up or down depending on the desired action. A detailed notice is available from our user manual in the Download section.

Purchase process :

Payment method

When finalizing your purchase, you will be offered the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer
SEPA direct debit

You will be asked to make a deposit to validate and confirm your order. One (01) month after the payment of the deposit you will receive an e-mail inviting you to pay the balance of your bill. Note that the deposit and the balance of your order can be set differently.
Example: Payment of the deposit by bank transfer – Balance of the order by SEPA direct debit.
In order to publish your sales contract, you will be asked to fill in an information form indicating your preferred payment method(s).

What is the Imeens®STORE ?

Imeens® offers experiential tours where you will have the opportunity to see and test the products for a unique experience.
It’s in the West of Lyon, in a design and latest generation showroom that you will be invited to sit comfortably and benefit from a fully personalized demonstration of Milli-LED Imeens® TVs. To make an appointment, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm, choose to call us at 09 86 87 44 05 or fill out an online form on our Imeens®STORE page.

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How long is the warranty valid ?

All Imeens® products are guaranteed for three (03) years from the date of installation of the product. Imeens® offers several levels of warranties. To read it, please refer to the

Download section

Delivery / Installation :

How can I anticipate the installation of my Imeens® TV ?

Once your order is validated, you will be contacted by an Imeens® technical coordinator who will verify that your installation site environment is suitable for your new large-format LED TV (electrical outlet available, network infrastructure compliant, no radiator near the TV, space available, etc.). Generally speaking, you won’t worry about anything. On the day of installation, you will simply need to be available to allow on-site access to Imeens® installers who will be fully responsible for mounting and commissioning your giant LED display. At the end of the installation, the installer will give you your Quick Start Guide and you will be ready to see the world in a big way.

How does my Imeens® TV installation work ?

In addition to offering a unique product, Imeens® offers a high-end turnkey service. No longer worry about having the right tools at your fingertips, Imeens® offers you free installation and delivery on-site, whether you’re a professional or an individual. After a quick telephone check with an Imeens® expert, you will be notified of your eligibility, which will be recalled on your commercial offer. Once your order has been validated, you will be contacted by a technical coordinator who will arrange an appointment with you at your convenience for the installation of your new large format LED television. Premium Imeens® services are included for the purchase of any LED TV.

Artist Mode :

What is the Artist Mode ?

Artist Mode is a feature of the Imeens® LED TV that lets you stream artistic content when you want and when the TV is not in use.

It allows the streaming of paintings, photos, and works by our partner artists from all over the world.

The Artist Mode is suitable for use during the day and at night thanks to color schemes that vary according to the ambient light (according to the broadcast time).

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How to apply as an artist ?

If you would like to become an Imeens® artist partner, simply visit our Artist Mode page and fill out the form at the end of the page.

You will be asked to fill in your contact details so that we can contact you again, as well as a book, or a sketch of your work (if you wish) so that we can familiarize ourselves with your art and study your request with the Marketing department.

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Use / Product driving :

There is no sound coming out of my enclosure

You will notice a backlit Imeens® logo on the front of the speaker located below your screen. The luminous state of this logo is significant:

The logo is on permanently : This means your Imeens® TV is off. Try pressing the “on” button on your remote control once and wait about 3 seconds until the backlit logo disappears. If no images appear and the backlit logo remains static, try unplugging and reconnecting your Imeens® LED TV.

If the logo remains permanently lit and you do not see any images on your TV, try changing the batteries on the back of your remote control (see “remote control” tab in the FAQ). However, if your TV displays an image but the backlit logo remains permanently lit, contact the Imeens® Service Desk at +33(9) 86 87 44 05.

The logo flashes regularly and permanently : This means your Imeens® TV is in “mute” mode. To deactivate the “mute” mode, simply press the “mute” button on your remote control (see the “control and remote control” tab in the User Manual, Download section). If, however, your Imeens® LED TV does not sound after pressing the “mute” button, try to increase the volume using the volume buttons on the left side of your remote control (see “remote” tab in the FAQ). Also, make sure that your incoming source (Microsoft Wireless Display, Imeens®WORLDCONTROL or HDMI In) has an internal source. If you are still having trouble emitting a sound source, contact the Imeens® Service Desk at +33(9) 86 87 44 05.

The logo flashes three (03) times and then turns off : This indicates that your TV is on. It can take a few seconds to turn on the Imeens® TVs due to the large surface area. If, after a few seconds, you do not see any display on the screen, check that your source contains an image and/or press the “home” button on your remote control (see the “control and remote control” tab in the User Manual, Download section). If you still don’t see any images or sound from your LED TV, please contact the Imeens® Service Center on +33(9) 86 87 44 05.


How do I contact the sales department ?

  • Call +33 9 86 87 44 05 (free service + price of a standard call) and press 1

How do I contact the After-sales service ? ?

  • Call +33 9 86 87 44 05 (free service + price of a standard call) and press 2

What are the contact details of Imeens®?

Our address:

Head Office & Imeens®STORE
Sacuny Park

40/60 Rue Henri Malartre
69530 – Brignais

Contact us:

+33(9) 86 87 44 05

Our opening hours (Imeens®STORE visit by appointment only):

Monday: 8:30 am – 6pm
Tuesday: 8:30 am – 6pm
Wednesday: 8:30 am – 6pm
Thursday: 8:30 am – 6pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 6pm