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Home Cinema on large screen

Keep your eyes wide open to enjoy the cinema at home!

Own your own home theater with our ultra-high resolution, fully equipped giant screens

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in front of your favorite programs with family or friends

Comparaison vidéoprojecteur téléviseur grand format Imeens®

Videoprojector | Imeens TV

No more projectors that offer little light, even in a room plunged into darkness. An Imeens® TV is a luminosity of more than 1,200 candela/m² at night and during the day!

Forget the dark, bland images of the projectors. Our giant LED TVs are equipped with BlackCoating® technology developed by our engineers. This technology allows to obtain a spectacular colorimetry, intense contrasts and blacks of extreme depth!

Don’t worry about image definition issues for projectors with limited resolution. The Milli-LED® technology developed by Imeens® and integrated into all of our TVs allows for ultra-high-definition field-of-view capability for more real immersion than ever before!

When you equip your living room with a projector, it is necessary to provide an additional independent sound system to obtain a fully equipped Home Cinema. Imeens® has equipped all its TVs with a speaker with 2 side speakers and a central for clear sound and breathtaking amplitude!

To sum up: Discover a fully equipped very large LED TV for a perfectly immersive Home Cinema.

An ultra high brightness
A spectacular colorimetry
Intense contrasts
Of deep blacks
Ultra high resolution
A breathtaking sound system


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Écran géant LED intérieur salon
Home Cinema - Living room

A large LED TV in your living room

Equip your living room with our home cinema screens and watch your favourite movies from your sofa.

Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure and relaxation, enjoying intense contrasts and breathtaking image resolution.

Don’t move around, experience home cinema with our next generation of giant screens.

Recommended size: 110″ or 138″

Home cinema giant screen

Écran géant LED intérieur chalet
Home Cinema - Chalet

A giant LED screen in your cottage

In such a prestigious location, opt for a zero-edge video wall designed and developed by Imeens® engineers.

Enjoy a warm moment with your family to watch your favourite series, movies and TV programs thanks to the large format of our TVs.

Recommended size: 110″ or 138″

Home cinema chalet