10-year warranty – “Turnkey” delivery and installation on site

A large screen led TV for your sales areas

A great welcome for your customers!

Promote your commercial offers in large format with the technology of our next generation giant screens

Promote the modern and chic image of your sales spaces and offer your customers something new

Écran géant Centre commercial
Signage - Shopping Mall

A giant screen in your shopping center

Make your establishment even more attractive with giant new-generation indoor displays.

Spread information to your visitors from your lobby, share the access map to your various shops and the latest news with the features of your Imeens® large-format LED TV.

Take advantage of the on-screen sound system to deliver voice and alert messages to your visitors.

Recommended screen size: 138″ or 165″

Shopping center giant screen

Écran géant Boutique
Advertising - Shops

A LED TV in your store

Attract the eye of your customers by broadcasting advertising videos and commercial offers on an ultra-bright LED screen within your store.

Boost the flow through your sales space with a large-format digital display that will capture the attention of your customers.

Create and schedule your various sales promotions and news with the integrated Imeens®WORLDCONTROL software.

Recommended screen size: 110″ or 138″

Store LED TV

Écran géant Showroom
Products display - Showroom

A giant indoor screen in your showroom

Integrate a giant screen with minimalist and design finishes into your showroom to modernize your customer experience.

Enjoy an intensive 24/7 use of your giant indoor LED screen for the continuous highlighting of your products.

Enjoy high-performance brightness and unparalleled image quality to enhance the products displayed in your showroom.

Recommended screen size: 138″ or 165″

Showroom LED screen