10-year warranty – “Turnkey” delivery and installation on site
Ecran géant LED Imeens

New generation all-in-one LED screen


  • • MicroLED Technology
  • • High-definition available HD / Full HD / UHD 4K
  • • Bright colors, endless contrast, high brightness
  • • Remote management Crestron Connected, IP & CEC perfect home automation
  • • Multiple inputs video and audio outputs
  • • Options according to the customer’s needs

A new generation giant LED screen with dedicated options to adapt to all environments according to their configurations.

Giant screen Imeens®ONE
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On-board smart processor

A powerful and efficient tool

The Imeens®SMARTCONNECT box has a multitude of inputs sources, it recognizes your source automatically and transforms it into HDR. In addition, the smart scaling system can also transform all FHD content into 4K UHD.

  • 4K compatible HDMI 2.0 video inputs
  • Multiple sound outputs: SPDIF – HDMI ARC/eARC – 3.5mm jack – Optical
  • HDR / HDR10+ / Dolby Vision & Atmos
  • Preset picture modes and precise manual color and contrast adjustments



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A pure and minimalist design

Recessable and integrable to suit your configuration

The slim & lightweight design of the Imeens® cabinets allows for perfect edge-to-edge mounting for total immersion (up to 100% image area). The Imeens®SMARTCONNECT remote box is ideal for discreet, uncluttered integrations that allow you to connect sources depending on your configuration.

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Multiple control

Compatible with all AV systems

Imeens®ONE large screens are compatible with all AV and external systems. Ideal for home automation and remote control, they are compatible with RTI, Crestron, AMX, Control4 and Savant. The Imeens®SMARTCONNECT box enables control of the large screen via RS232, RJ45 LAN, IR, IP, CEC, and Webserver. Analog buttons and IR remote control are also available to control your sources.

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Light & colors uniformity

Perfect calibration of the colorimetry

Forget about approximate calibration and different color blocks. Imeens® uses the new generation of dual calibration. The device collects colorimetric data in high brightness mode and then collects it in low brightness mode to eliminate color blocks or different colorimetry. This unique process prevents image defects on the screen, guaranteeing impeccable light uniformity.

écran géant gob microled

MicroLED COB Technology

More contrast, less power consumption for an unequalled quality, the MicroLED technology is nowadays the best LED display technology.

Extra wide color gamut combined with high brightness for incomparable image quality and sharpness.
Significantly smaller LEDs for low power consumption.
The MicroLED COB has a smooth, waterproof, and shockproof coating on the front panel for a longer life.

GOB Technology

Longer life-time and greater protection

Milli-LED®GOB* technology provides an increased LED panel life of up to 100,000 hours.

This unique coating results in a smooth surface like the TV in your living room and increased protection of the LED against impact, water and dust.

*Optional GOB (glue-on-board) coating

High gray scale and infinite black

Because every detail counts, Imeens® displays offer exceptional gray scale accuracy of up to 16 bits with HDR10+

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Perfect integration

Adaptable to any environment

Thanks to its 16:9 ratio and its integrated automatic scaling system, the ONE series can be used for various applications.

No need to configure the screen with software, the Imeens®SMARTCONNECT box recognizes the format of your source and displays it on the entire screen.


A quality product

High-precision assembly

The design of the Imeens®ONE edge-less displays offer up to 100% display area for complete immersion and perfect edge-to-edge flush mounting. The Imeens® displays consist of modular units assembled with high precision to create a perfectly smooth, matte and jointless single panel.

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Microsoft Wireless 4K

Wireless screen sharing solution

Play your content wirelessly and in the blink of an eye with the Microsoft Wireless Display 4K in the Imeens®ONE* series.

Say goodbye to cables running along your screen. With Miracast, sharing your screen has never been easier or faster. Imeens® has chosen a trusted partner to bring you a reliable, efficient, and modern way to cast.

Microsoft Miracast provides ultra-high definition 4K video and audio streaming wirelessly and without latency to your big screen.

*Miracast Wireless 4K option

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Extra wide angle & long viewing time

Always keep an eye on your content with the extra-wide 170° viewing angle of Imeens® displays, ensuring perfect visibility of the display even at angles.

Optimize your employees’ concentration with the “soft light” mode reducing visual fatigue even after prolonged viewing, ideal for long meetings or a movie at home.


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An installation planned for you

The installation procedure of Imeens®ONE giant displays is easy. The inter-cabinet mechanical design and magnetic fastening of the LED modules allow for easy assembly with very little cable and short installation time.

As the Imeens® cabinets weigh only 5 kilos, they can be easily assembled without any prior training thanks to the installation instructions provided.

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3 years parts and labour warranty

Fast and easy maintenance

Imeens® large screens require very little maintenance due to their reliability and robustness. However, maintenance of Imeens® displays has been designed to be simple, and is carried out from the front via a magnetic tool for quick and easy intervention.

Thanks to this modular design, there is no need to change the whole screen after a shock for example, just replace the defective module which will be repaired in the Imeens® factory.


Automatic configuration

Once maintenance is complete, the automatic configuration of all our large screens allows the display to self-adjust so that it is uniform when switched on. There is no need to configure the display after a module change, the display configures itself automatically, allowing quick and easy user intervention.


Control and monitoring of the screen

Real-time feedback on your screen via the Cloud*. Imeens®CARE allows you to remotely collect information on a number of indicators that are essential to the proper functioning of your display and alerts you in real time to any malfunctions by e-mail.

Imeens®CARE+ option

The end of an era: The videoprojector

Low light, bland and cumbersome, projectors have long been considered the only solution for large format indoor displays.

Ultra-bright, slim and ergonomic, the giant screen is now the obvious choice for replacing old projection systems.

mur d'image led 4k

An exceptional product, an irreproachable security

The Imeens®ONE range has all the certifications required for the installation of a large screen in various environments. The EMC Class B certification of the Imeens®ONE range allows it to be safely integrated into all types of buildings, both for professional and private use.

A giant LED television designed to meet the needs of each business line



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